15 Amazing Gadgets for the Home

If you’re into modern tech and get a thrill out of gifting yourself or those you love with the latest gadgets to hit the shelves or enjoy making your life as smart and streamlined as possible, then you’re going to love these home-tech gadgets. 

Taking conveniently safe to a new level

Master Lock Select Access key safe

If, like so many of us, you’ve wasted an excessive amount of time losing your keys, berating yourself for doing so, and waiting on the doorstep until your flatmate or partner turns up with theirs. Help is here! Just open this Bluetooth-enabled key safe using your phone or the keypad (charmingly retro). You can add any number of contacts to it and use the app to monitor who’s coming and going. 

Logitech Circle 2

Serious about home safety? Look no further than Logitech’s wireless, 1080p HD, wide-angled, motion-sensitive, smart assistant-compatible security camera. This smart device will make sure almost no-one gains entry to your home. 

Logitech Circle 2. image:

Bots to the rescue during mundane moments

iRobot Braava 390T mopping bot

Unless you’re Mary Poppins, most of us aren’t singing and dancing our way around the house while cleaning up and certainly don’t have magic powers to do the job for us. You’ve probably wished for a robot to do the mopping for you and in this age of tech, it shouldn’t be too much to ask.

There’s good news – this floor mopping robot may not be able to entertain your kids, but it will do the jobs you dread – and quietly without belting out supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Laurastar Smart U ironing system

Another lonesome and tedious task we “love” doing is ironing. An iron might not seem very James Bond, but this one is Bluetooth-connected and will give you personalized tips on how to improve your ironing skills based on your technique. You’re no longer alone – might as well have fun doing it!

Keecker entertainment robot

Talking about having a bit of fun around the house, this little robot that looks like a dehumidifier is your new friend designed to keep you company by delivering 360-degree sound or projecting video onto any ceiling or wall. It has wheels so it can follow you from room to room and voice control via an app. What was your life like without it?

Keecker entertainment robot

For those serious about their beverages

Atari Pong coffee table

If you’re using your auto mop and have your newfound entertainment bot following you around, then mind the coffee table! This one is a mega conjuring of one of the earliest arcade video games – the epic 1972, rectangle-based, table tennis sports game.

Atari has recreated the game mechanically, with pulleys and magnets replacing the original graphics. Since its 2019, it features four USB charging ports and, of course, a Bluetooth speaker. What was your sitting room like before?

Ember Ceramic self-heating mug

Now that you’ve got your uber-cool coffee table, you’re going to want to place some good coffee on it. If you’re a coffee addict, but the shakes and sleepless nights don’t stop your consumption, perhaps this will! Ember hasn’t just invented a heating mug, but, like all good IOT devices, it’s connected to their app so that you monitor your caffeine intake.

But don’t you hate it when you’re just a third of the way through a Netflix movie when your popcorn is already gone, and your coffee is cold?

iKettle 3

So, the app didn’t make you stop caffeinating your body, so you might as well let new age technology switch on the kettle for you. With this 3rd generation smart-kettle you can choose when you want it to boil every day, and the temperature you want the water to reach.

Use the app to tell you how full the iKettle is. If you can’t be bothered to set the timer, iKettle is Alexa-enabled so that you can yell “BOIL KETTLE” from your comfy chair!

Soda Wacaco Minipresso portable espresso machine

If you’ve always wanted an espresso machine, but are daunted by complicated gadgets, this one is for you. Simply pop ground coffee or a coffee pod in the machine, add hot water, give the plunger on the side a pump and before you can even shout “BOIL KETTLE” you’ve got a freshly brewed shot of espresso on-the-go.

Soda Wacaco Minipresso

Jura WE8 coffee machine

For those who are serious about their brew, this mega coffee machine holds 500g of coffee beans and five liters of H20. You can select one of 10 different coffees from your phone, and it features an incorporated cleaning and descaling system – no more vinegar solutions and vigorous scrubbing.

Hurom H-AI Juicer

If you joined the juicer trend, you’re going to want one of these in your kitchen. You don’t have to stand guard as this juicer squeezes your fruit and veggies evenly in the chamber leaving you free to do your own thing – a game of Pong perhaps? 

“The modern kitchen” takes on a whole new meaning

Slater Cook Pro Bluetooth thermometer

Now we get into the meatier stuff. So, you’ve always made your famed Sunday roast guessing the cooking time and holding thumbs that it turns out as always. Now, you can cook with ease by connecting this thermometer with your mobile and monitor how things are heating up inside the meat.

You’re able to set the temperature you want to reach, and the wire is heat-proof, so you can go make yourself coffee until the moment of truth arrives.  

Bugatti Noun smart cooker

There have been a lot of smart cooking devices lately and granted this one looks more like a pair of ice skates than a food utensil. However, get ready for healthy cooking as your food is closed between two sections of clear glass that can be controlled via your phone. It can handle temperatures from 80-300 degrees C. Pretty hot stuff!

Salter Curve smart analyser scales

After consuming all that food and coffee, you’re probably going to jump on the scales first thing in the morning. Well, these are a cut above the rest. They don’t just measure your weight, but body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, water percentages, bottom metabolic rate, and BMI. If you’re trying to shed some pounds, you can track your progress via the Mibody app that connects your phone to the scales. Smart scales just got smarter. 

To sleep perchance to dream

Soundasleep Bluetooth pillow

You’ve mopped, cleaned, ironed, made the roast and veggies – all using your new gadgets, and that moment you’ve been dreaming of has come – bedtime. You can argue that we shouldn’t be using Bluetooth on all things that stay motionless for a long time, but a smart-pillow should be an exception to that rule.

Use the app to control your music, hypnotic soundscapes, podcasts, or track your sleep patterns. Snoring can be embarrassing, but if you do, the app can wake if you get louder than your preferred decibel level and wake your partner. Great way to save face!

When you thought gadgets couldn’t make lives any more comfortable, there’s another device just around the corner!

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