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Retro-gadgets: A modern take on the glory days

For those of you who miss the glory days, good news – retro style has made a big comeback. A host of amazing gadgets, accessories, and tools are being designed to recapture the past, but with modern functionality and features. Whether you’re looking to add some vintage to your home or find a quirky gift, here are some gadgets that will make you feel all nostalgic.

Retro Pocket Games with LCD screen

Remember those old pocket games that we thought were so avant-garde – until mobile phones took over? Well, these adorable pocket-sized arcade games will keep you entertained for hours while on-the-go. You won’t have to compromise on hi-tech features either – they have a 1.8” LCD screen, in-built speakers, and over 100 8-Bit games, including several old favorites.

AV: Link Roadhouse Mini Jukebox with Bluetooth, CD Player, and FM Radio

This little saloon bar style jukebox is definitely a great conversation piece at work or at home. It’s not just a timeless music player that pays homage to the pop era with a light show to-boot but includes the latest tech in audio connectivity. In addition to traditional FM radio and a CD player, the Roadhouse is fully connectable to Bluetooth devices and has an auxiliary input for wired connections to phones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, and more. You can select mode, program CDs, navigate tracks, and power it off/on via remote control.

Wild & Wolf American Diner Telephone

While the epoch of running through the house to answer the landline is generally a fading memory, it doesn’t mean that retro style enthusiasts won’t snap up one of these vintage phones. This isn’t just an ordinary classic handset, but it is designed to resemble a 1950s American diner telephone. It has push-button dials, volume controls, and more. It also has a functioning coin slot that makes a cool piggy-bank.

Leica M10 camera

The M10 is the latest release from Leica, a German brand of camera manufacturers with an unwavering commitment to retro-styling and craftsmanship. This camera doesn’t only have a classic look from yesteryear, but eschews contemporary functionality of cameras, like autofocus and video capture. There is still an LCD screen at the back, so at least and you don’t have to fidget with 35mm film. Time to put your real photographic skills to the test – before Photoshop, screens, and filters.

Polaroid OneStep2 and OneStep+

Continuing the topic of cameras, this is the rebirth of the classic Polaroid and a reminder of the fun we had when they came out, and we could instantly see our pics without having to wait for them to be developed at a photo store. The remakes are more straightforward than their predecessors and have some added features, like an easy-to-use viewfinder and a more powerful flash. The OneStep+ allows you to choose between two lenses for quality close-ups and it has an app with a remote trigger, a noise trigger, double-exposure, a self-timer, as well as tools and a light-painting mode to manually tweak images. They still use film, which is just part of the fun and experience.

Lofree mechanical keyboard

Miss the reassuring click-clack sound your typewriter used to make as you hit the keys? Well, the keyboard is back, but with a contemporary take. The Lofree is a compact and portable mechanical keyboard inspired by old-style typewriters with round keys, the click-clack sound, and modern design. It is compatible with several devices, can work wired and wirelessly, and boasts several backlight settings.

USB typewriter iPad dock/Bluetooth keyboard

If a typewriter keyboard isn’t enough to satiate your longing for the good old days, then why not get the real thing? This beauty is a restored archetypal 1930s typewriter that has been repurposed as a Bluetooth/USB keyboard. You can hook it up to your Mac or PC or dock it with your iPad. Full functionality, perfect for today, and no ink ribbons to stain your fingers.

LOVE turntable

This is the invention that audiophiles have been waiting for – i.e., those who swear that you cannot get a better sound than vinyl, but complain that you can’t skip tracks on turntables. Introducing the revolutionary Love turntable, which is being marketed as the first ever intelligent turntable. The system works by keeping the record still but rather moving the needle. You can connect the turntable to and control it from your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fir and pause, play, repeat, and skip. No fussing around trying to place the needle without scratching the vinyl!

These inventions are a real reminder of vintage items that we loved so much and have almost been forgotten. At least now youngsters will know how we took photos, heard music, and answered a phone! 

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